Cosmic Dealer – Ayurvedic Herbal Tea – Energy & Immunity – 80g

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Cosmic Dealer‘s energy Ayurvedic herbal tea is a vibrant green tea for absolute energy and immunity.

  • Japanese Genmaicha, roasted rice and vibrant Sencha green tea blend in a Genmaicha mix that’s full of life and flavour.
  • Tulsi a.k.a the “elixir of life,” an adaptogenic plant considered as the “Queen of plants” in Ayurvedic medicine becomes your secret weapon for strength and immunity. Also known as holy basil.
  • Naturally energizing moringa and tangy ginger surf in on afternotes, the perfect antidotes for a sluggish day.

It’s elegant, it’s uplifting, it’s mega awake.

The energy Ayurvedic herbal tea is made in France.


Take a teaspoon of each from each side of the box to make your tea. Or dose as you desire: it’s your potion to play with.

Ordinarily if you try and mix grains and herbs in loose tea, the grains just sink to the bottom (as they are heavier) so you can’t put too many in. This wasn’t an option for us. We wanted a high dose of that beautiful malty grilled flavour. So we decided to divide the box in two: grains on one side, herbs on the other.


green tea leaves,* toasted brown rice,* ginger,* moringa,* holy basil
*From Organic farming

May contain traces of gluten, soy, peanuts, milk, nuts and sesame seeds. Cosmic Dealer’s products are gluten and dairy free but as a precaution they state that traces could be present due to the fact that their herbal suppliers handle some of these items.

Cosmic Dealer

Five girls who reside in Paris, France, but can sometimes be found floating in the Cosmos. They liked the  idea of something natural, clean, approved by ancient-wisdom and kinda cosmic. No bullsh*t products. Products that were going to work. They were over generically produced, white-label stuff with pretty packaging. They also wanted it to be produced sustainably and ethically. With packaging that wouldn't piss off Mother Nature. Therefore they created Cosmic Dealer. Think of the Cosmic Dealer as your guru. If your guru was actually your friend, and your friend was actually someone who spent their time dedicated to producing niche wellness goods.

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