Stoll – Peru 100% Organic Arabica Coffee Beans – 500g

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Brand: Stoll

These Stoll Peru 100% Arabica Coffee Beans are roasted in Zurich by a family business established since 1936! The high mountains and the nutrient-rich soil of Peru are perfect for growing coffee. This coffee was grown by Mr. Carloman Carranza Montenegro. Carloman’s coffee is dried in the whole cherry which gives the coffee a very strong character.

  • Organic certified
  • 100% Arabica
  • Roasted in Zurich, Switzerland


100% Arabica Coffee Beans


In 1936, Oskar Stoll founded the Stoll Kaffee company in his parents' house in Zurich's Seefeld district. Word spread quickly that Stoll Kaffee stood for excellent quality and the pristine service. Stoll Kaffee has always been a family business, owing its success to the sustainable business ethics that have been passed down from father to son since its founding. In 2011, Walter Stoll, third-generation owner of Stoll Kaffee, handed the company over to the Amann family. This family, which shares the same values and a similar history, has made it their goal to continue the Stoll brand as the Stoll family has done over the past decades with so much heart and love for coffee. Stoll Kaffee has followed the dynamic coffee culture of recent years with great interest, participating in how a young and dedicated community has emerged over the last 20 years, with roots in the traditional coffee cultures of Austria, Italy, all the way to the birthplace of coffee, Ethiopia.

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