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La Comedie is a poem to natural wines by young winemakers Francesco and Pauline from the Tenuta Foresto domain. This sparkling rosé is made with 100% Barbera. Raspberries on the nose, a well balanced acidity, light bubbles and red fruit flavor profile with a hint of funk: the perfect summer drink. A small part of the must is preserved before fermentation, it will be used to restart the fermentation inside the bottle, thus obtaining a natural sparkling. The wine is bottled in the spring in a waning moon and aged 6 months in bottle. 2’500 bottles of La Comedie are produced annually by Tenuta Foresto without any filtration, clarification or additions of sulfites.


About this wine: alcohol content is 13 %. Made with 100% Barbera. Best drinking temperature is between 08-10C. Contain sulfites.

Poderi Cellario

Fausto and Cinzia Cellario, cultivate 13 hectares of vineyards and some hazelnut groves in the south-western part of the Langhe, Piedmont called Poderi Cellario. They are passionate about forgotten grape varieties and produce natural wines from spontaneous fermentation that come from hand-picked grapes. Fausto says it himself: "We don't want an anonymous wine, but one that reflects the land it comes from and that also has a little bit of us in it. This is why we don't use pesticides or other chemical substances and are as attentive as possible to nature." They have taken it at heart to always keep the soil alive, so they let the grass grow between the rows instead of removing it with herbicides or other chemicals. And instead of artificial fertilisers, they use manure, a natural fertiliser, and periodically plant specific plants such as legumes and grasses to balance the soil. The motto: "we come from the earth and we must respect it".

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