UpCircle – Eye roller

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This UpCircle cooling eye roller is a sustainable, plastic-free and unisex product that can be used to massage in eye cream or serum for deeper absorption, leaving the eyes brighter, soothed and refreshed. It helps to boost circulation for a healthy, bright glow and improve skin tone, skin texture and facial tension. Its unique ball-shaped head design makes it easy to access creases and contours, making it suitable for use across the entire orbital area.

For extra cooling effect, it can be stored in the fridge.

Upcircle Beauty

UpCircle Beauty is a family business that was launched by two siblings who had the idea to give used gounded coffee a second life as a skin scrub. Ever since, they've upcycled over 350 tonnes of ground coffee! Today, the Upcircle team has expanded their range of beauty products and each one of them is based on an upcycled by-product of different industries like farms or juice bars. All UpCircle beauty products are made of over 98% natural, clean and vegan ingredients.

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