UpCircle – Plastic-free Safety Razor

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This UpCircle plastic-free safety razor is good for your wallet, better for the planet and best for your skin.

The UpCircle safety razor is designed for a superior, irritation-free shave. It is made entirely without plastic and is meant to be used repeatedly rather than discarded after a single use. It can be used on both the face and body and should be held gently, allowing the weight of the razor head to do the work as it glides over the skin. It comes with two complimentary blades.

How to use: Unscrew the handle from the two-part head and insert blade. Reattach securely. Moisten the shaving area, using a shaving oil or gel if preferred. Hold the razor at a shallow angle to the skin. Do not apply pressure – hold the handle gently and let the weight of the razor head glide over your skin. Shave in direction of hair growth.

Upcircle Beauty

UpCircle Beauty is a family business that was launched by two siblings who had the idea to give used gounded coffee a second life as a skin scrub. Ever since, they've upcycled over 350 tonnes of ground coffee! Today, the Upcircle team has expanded their range of beauty products and each one of them is based on an upcycled by-product of different industries like farms or juice bars. All UpCircle beauty products are made of over 98% natural, clean and vegan ingredients.

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