UpCircle – Reusable Makeup Remover Pads (x7)

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Upgrade your skincare routine with UpCircle’s reusable makeup remover pads made of hemp and cotton. These gentle yet effective reusable makeup remover pads are perfect to after your cleanser or a face mask. Comes with a mesh bag to machine wash the pads all together. Staining is natural over time with make-up but you can minimise it by rinsing them out when will wet after use.

  • Machine washable: will get even softer over time!
  • 100% natural materials: 70% hemp, 30% cotton.
  • 7 pads included for each day of the week
Care Instructions: Suitable for machine washing on a warm setting. Medium or low temperature settings can safely be used for dryers or irons.


100% natural materials: 70% hemp, 30% cotton.

Upcircle Beauty

UpCircle Beauty is a family business that was launched by two siblings who had the idea to give used gounded coffee a second life as a skin scrub. Ever since, they've upcycled over 350 tonnes of ground coffee! Today, the Upcircle team has expanded their range of beauty products and each one of them is based on an upcycled by-product of different industries like farms or juice bars. All UpCircle beauty products are made of over 98% natural, clean and vegan ingredients.

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