Chopf-Nuss – Nussmesan Classic Refill Bag – 275g

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This vegan Nussmesan classic refill bags are perfect to avoid buying the jars every time, an essential for all Chopf-nuss fans out there. Inspired by parmesan but vegan and as delicious as ever to add on top of pasta, salads, gratins and toasties. The content represents 2 jars and an extra 10%.

Features of the bag:

  • Aluminium-free material (environmentally friendly)
  • 40-60% bio-based material
  • Very high barrier for optimal product protection (light (UV), oxygen and moisture)
  • Aroma protection
  • Anti-wobble bottom for good stability
  • Rounded corners prevent cutting on sharp edges


Almonds (46%), Cashew nuts (46%), salt, nutritional yeast, molasse yeast flakes and garlic powder. Allergens in bold.

Nutritional facts

For / Für / Pour 100g
Energy / Energie / Energie 597 kcal
Fat / Fett / Lipide 46.7 g
Of which saturated / davon gesättigte Fettsäuren / dont acides gras saturés 5.3 g
Protein / Eiweiss / Protéine 21.0 g
Carbohydrates / Kohlenhydrate / Glucide 19.4 g
Of which sugar / davon Zucker / dont sucres 5.9 g
Salt / Salz / Sel 2.4 g


The story behind the «Nussmesan»? Thomas and Sabrina started their plant-based journey with health, environment and animal welfare concerns. They were amazed at the delicious culinary their embarked on. Their love for cheese and pasta pushed them to try all kinds of vegan parmesan alternative and when they couldn't find one they liked... you guessed it, they made their own! After all their friends and acquittances tried it and asked to buy it, they decided to embark on the entrepreneurial journey, and here we are today. Try their «Nussmesan»!

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