Whittard of Chelsea – The Coffee Advent Calendar for Two

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The Coffee Advent Calendar was made for all the coffee lovers! Celebrate each day before Christmas by discover two easy-to-use coffee bags ready to be infused: all you need is to add coffee bag to your favourite mug, add water and infuse! One months to discover 12 unique and luxurious coffee flavours. Once empty, this beautiful advent calendar can be reused for years to come as a DIY!

Featured in Coffee Advent Calendar: Whittard House Blend, Guatemala Elephant, Monsoon Malabar, San Agustin Colombia, Santos and Java, Cafe Francais, Breakfast Blend, Mocha Djimmah, Kenya Peaberry, Bourbon Espresso, Ethiopia Yirgacheffe and Festive Coffee.

How to use:

  1. Add your coffee bag to your mug.
  2. Pour over 200 ml freshly boiled water, stir, then give a little squeeze.
  3. Leave for a further three minutes, another squeeze.
  4. Remove your coffee bag and enjoy.

LIMITED QUANTITY!! Order yours before they run out.

  • 48 coffee bags, 2x coffee bags in each drawer
  • Suitable for vegans


100% Ground Arabica Coffee Suitable for vegetarians and vegans.
Roasted and packed in the UK.
Packed in a protective atmosphere.

Whittard of Chelsea Advent Calendar

Discover Whittard of Chelsea 's magical advent calendar range available this Christmas in Switzerland! Whittard of Chelsea is a British brand of tea, coffee and hot chocolate that has been around since it's launch by Walter Whittard in 1886. Walter promised that for his shop, he would only "buy the best" and over a century later, Whittard is still synonym of incredible taste and quality. Our team here at Siradis fell in love with Whittard's beautiful advent calendar and wanted to make sure our customers in Switzerland would have access to them to countdown the days until Christmas.

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