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Brand: Fairment

Kombucha is on the rise. Simply bring it home with this fairment Kombucha Starter Kit. It contains 2000-year-old brewing art from Asia for lively Kombucha from your kitchen. And exactly to your taste – sparkling, tangy and combinable with your favourite teas and spices. Something’s brewing! Get going and let microbes run riot.


  • 1x Mason Ball jar with 1.9 l capacity, lid and fabric cover.
  • 1x stainless steel lid from Leifheit
  • 1x fresh living Kombucha culture in organic quality (tea fungus and preparation liquid)
  • 1x high quality organic raw cane sugar and fine organic tea for the first try
  • 1x instructions and Kombucha guide with many recipes and knowledge about fermentation (in German)
  • Free access to the Fairment Online Academy by email
  • Online support for questions

Note: After receipt, please store exclusively in the refrigerator at + 3 °C to +7 °C or process immediately.


Fairment was founded in 2015 by Paul and Leon. They are passionate about gut health and wanted to share that good gut feeling with the world. They have modernised fermentation methods that have been used for thousands of years. If you are a DIY fan, adventurous in the kitchen or are just up for a new challenge, this is the product for you. Try out one of their amazing kits below! They also produce a game-changing miso paste that will revolutionise your stir-fries.

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