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This super cute Sticky Chai Gift Pack contains two delicious swiss-made sticky chai, a matching linen bag as well as a rose golden tea strainer.

  • Classic Massala: a classic made with spices, black tea and agave. Made in Zürich
  • Chili Choc: hot, profound and seductively sweet with habanero chilli for an extra kick and organic cocoa. Made in Zürich

How to use:

  • In a pot, mix 1 tablespoon of chai with 1/3 wasser and 2/3 milk or plant-based alternative
  • Bring to boil and let sit for 3-4 minutes
  • Pour in cup through strainer and enjoy!

Chai Walla

Meet the sticky chai of your dreams, Chai Walla. Made in Zürich, Nathan and Livia combine many different spices together, black tea, agave syrup with a lot of good vibes. Simply put, sticky chai is your every day's chai but better! It's so flavourful, easy to make and the perfect comforting hot beverage. We're excited to help them grow one of the first sticky chai brands in Switzerland... promise you'll love it!

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