Swiss Foodie Advent Calendar 2022 – gourmet & limited quantities!

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The Swiss Foodie Advent Calendar is a ✨beautiful✨ gourmet advent calendar featuring upcoming Swiss food brands. Each day, discover a new real-sized product and a new story through the brand flyer (in french and german). This big advent calendar is made up of many unique and individual boxes, each with a symbol of Switzerland and winter. Design, printed, build and filled in Switzerland.

The Swiss Foodie Advent Calendar is available in a limited quantity only!

  • Printed, assembled and packed by a Swiss social integration foundation in Lausanne, Switzerland.
  • 100% vegetarian and family friendly (no alcohol).
  • Gourmet & delicious
  • Big format: 50.5 x 36.3 x 8.7 cm
  • Illustration in Switzerland by artist Rocio Egio

Created by five friends and food entrepreneurs who wanted to showcase the exciting diversity of small, up-and-coming Swiss brands from around the country. We believed that the Swiss public deserved a more original and authentic calendar than what was available in most shops today.


INGREDIENTS PER PRODUCT: 1. mate drink (330ml), cold infusion* (water, mate *, apple*, rosehip*, orange*, essential oils* (lemon, orange, mandarin, grapefruit, bergamot), black tea*, strawberry leaves, Swiss verbena, Swiss sugar*, lemon juice* carbonic acid. *certified organic ° fair trade. 2. Cookie with chocolate chips (50g), flour mix (corn starch*, potato starch*, rice flour*, guar gum*, inulin*), cane sugar*, chocolate chips* 13.9% (cocoa paste*, sugar*, cocoa butter*, sunflower lecithin*), rice syrup*, filtered water, deodorised sunflower oil*, buckwheat flour*, cashew nut puree*, chickpea flour*, sodium bicarbonate, apple vinegar*, sunflower lecithin*, natural flavouring*, salt. *organic. 3. organic fruit bar with hemp (42g), organic dried apple cubes (27%), organic apple juice concentrate (26%), organic roasted & salted hemp nuts (16%) (hemp seeds, cooking salt), organic rolled oats, organic ground hemp seeds (12%), organic hemp protein (3%), organic sunflower oil, organic apple cider vinegar (1.4%). 4. effervescent drop to make a refreshing drink with blueberry flavour (14g), natural flavours, acidifier: citric acid, acidity regulator: sodium hydrogen carbonate, L-leucine, carboxymethyl cellulose. 5. chocolate praliné with hazelnut (30g), hazelnuts (I.G.P. Piedmont) roasted 36%*, cocoa beans ground*, coconut blossom sugar*, rice milk powder*, cocoa butter*, cocoa powder*, *from organic farming. 6. glazed orange biscuits (3x8g): Wheat flour (Switzerland, VD), sugar (Switzerland), vegetable oil (copra) non-hydrogenated, egg yolk from barn farming (Switzerland, VD), natural orange flavour with other natural flavours, orange juice from orange juice concentrate (5%), soya flour, butter (Switzerland, VD), egg white from barn farming (Switzerland, VD), cooking salt (Switzerland), barley malt flour. May contain hazelnut and almond. Hot drinking chocolate on a stick (35g), raw cane sugar* 44%, cocoa butter* 24%, whole milk powder* 19%, cocoa mass* 13%, gingerbread spice*, bourbon vanilla powder*, emulsifier: sunflower lecithin*, cocoa content min. 35%. 8. ketchup sauce (45g), tomato puree 33%*, water, dates*, white balsamic vinegar (wine vinegar*, concentrated grape must*), apple puree*, pumpkin*, sea salt, beetroot powder*, garlic*, allspice*, *organic. 9. organic cereal bar with oats and apple (45g), Shelly’O oats* (gluten) 27%. Apple syrup* 24%. Rolled oats* (gluten) 20%. Dried apples* 18%. Apple juice concentrate* 7%. Sunflower oil* 4%. Natural flavouring. Salt. May contain traces of: Eggs, lactose, nuts, sesame seeds, lupins. *From organic farming. 10. peanut butter filled chocolates (27g), Dark chocolate: sugar, cocoa mass, cocoa butter, emulsifier (sunflower lecithin), natural flavouring; peanut butter (peanuts, table salt). May contain hazelnuts, almonds and milk. Minimum cocoa content 47%. 11. grilled chickpeas sweet sesame (100g), chickpeas, sugar, sesame. 12. mini bites (praline, mocha, gianduja) (3×1.45g), sugar, wheat flour, hazelnuts, vegetable fats (coconut oil, coconut oil fully hydrogenated, rapeseed oil, rapeseed oil fully hydrogenated), cocoa mass, cocoa powder, emulsifier: sunflower lecithin, roasted coffee, cocoa butter, salt, natural flavouring. Allergen information: May contain almonds and milk. 4.6% of the agricultural ingredients are organic. 13. ginger concentrate (60ml), organic ginger juice from Peru, organic lemon, water. 14. caramel biscuits (3×7.8g), wheat flour (Switzerland), butter (Switzerland), caramel pieces 16% (Switzerland) (sugar, sweetened condensed milk, glucose syrup, whole milk powder), sugar (Switzerland), starch, egg white from free range, aromatic caramel, natural flavouring, cooking salt (Switzerland). May contain soy, hazelnut and almond. 15. cinnamon flavoured chewing gum (19.6g), sweetener: xylitol 70%, natural chewing gum, natural flavours, thickener: gum arabic, humectant: glycerol, glazing agent: carnauba wax. 16. espresso capsules (Bolivia), home compostable (0.54x3g), 100% Arabica coffee. 17. organic fruit almond bar with dried oat flakes, sesame seeds and cocoa (30g), date puree 36%, almond paste 21% (almonds 11%, honey, water), dried bananas 20%, hulled almonds 13%, rolled oats 3.9%, hulled sesame seeds 3%, cocoa powder 2%, rice flour, acerola cherry fruit powder, curry leaf extract. All ingredients are organically grown. Contains gluten, nuts and sesame. No added sugar or salt. 18. hot sauce (200ml), rapeseed oil 43%, chilli sauce 20% (chilli 57%, sugar, garlic, table salt, water, acidifier (acetic acid), flavour enhancer (E621), thickener (xanthan), acidifier (citric acid), preservative (E202), water, mustard (spirit vinegar, water, mustard seeds, table salt, sugar, spices), table vinegar, chilli preparation 3. 8% (peppers, table salt, water, acidifier (acetic acid), preservative (E211)), lactose-free skimmed milk powder, lemon juice, modified waxy maize starch, thickener (xanthan gum), preservative (E202). 19. white Swiss chocolate GHA 42% organic (50g), cocoa butter (Ghana), sugar, whole milk powder. Contains milk. May contain hazelnuts and almonds. 20. rigatoni pasta (200g), Short and dry pasta / durum wheat semolina / contains gluten. 21. fruit mix (dried) (36g), mango (Ghana) 43% (mango, preservative: sodium metabisulphite), almonds (Spain) 38%, cashew nuts (Vietnam) 19%. 22. compote of pears and strawberries (100g), 70% organic pears (CH), 30% organic strawberries (CH), organic acerola. Pasteurised. 23. organic oat and orange bar coated with chocolate (min. 38% cocoa) (33g), cane sugar*, gluten-free wholemeal oat flour* (16%), cocoa butter*, cocoa mass*, agave inulin*, cocoa powder*(7. 5%), dried rice malt syrup*, sunflower oil*, amaranth* (3.5%), orange oil* (<1%), hazelnuts*, sea salt, vanilla beans*, emulsifier (sunflower lecithin)*. May contain traces of milk and almonds.

ALLERGENES: Note the ingredients in bold.

Nutritional facts

Durchschnittliche Nährwerte pro 100 g 

Energy / Energie / Energie 1575.21 kJ / 375.55 kcal
Fat / Fett / Lipides 

of which saturated / davon gesättigte Fettsäuren / dont saturés



Carbohydrate / Kohlenhydrate / Glucides

Of which sugar / davon Zucker / dont sucre



Protein / Eiweiss / Protéine 10.02g
Salt / Salz / Sel 0.18g


Durchschnittliche Nährwerte pro 100 ml

Energy / Energie / Energie  634.24 kJ / 153.61 kcal
Fat / Fett / Lipide 

of which saturated / davon gesättigte Fettsäuren / dont saturé



Carbohydrate / Kohlenhydrate / Glucide

of which sugar / davon Zucker / dont sucre



Protein / Eiweiss / Protéine 0.64g
Salt / Salz / Sel 0.00g


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