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The Goodlife Coffee ‘s cold brew shot is a concentrated drink of cold brewed coffee. The list of ingredients is simple: Water from the Vaud glaciers and coffee, 100% Arabica. The particularity of Kenya Peaberry comes directly from the shape of the coffee bean which gives it its praline, chocolate and orange aromas.

A 60 ml shot but all sorts of ways to enjoy it :

Open it and drink it as a shot for maximum energy.

You can also dilute it with milk, hot or cold, depending on the desire or the season.

Otherwise, dilute it with water (hot or cold), for a longer cup.

Note : It is possible that the fat naturally contained in coffee may clot on the surface when kept in a cool place. So shake it well before drinking!


Water from the Vaud glaciers and coffee, 100% Arabica

The Goodlife Coffee

You might have already seen their famous TukTuk driving around. Goodlife is a team of coffee lovers roasting green coffee beans from all over the world on the hills of Lausanne. They’re dedicated to crafting “goodlife moment” for you whether you are at work, at home or relaxing at a café thanks to their sustainable specialty coffee roasted on a weekly basis. And they don’t just make amazing blends, they are host coffee training academies and tasting in their office.

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