Super Natural Club – Super Maté BIO – 3x330ml (cans)

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Maté is brewed from the leaves of the caffeine-rich yerba maté plant. Super Natural Club – Super Maté BIO gives a delicious & delicate natural extra boost without all the nasties.

This drink is a delicious & low calories kind of Ice-tea, subtly more smoky, a bit more complex, a bit more fizzy !

Crafted in Switzerland

Weight 1000 g


Cold infusion of organic herbs (95.5 %) (water, mate*°, apple*, rosehip*, orange*, essential oils (lemon*, orange*, tangerine*, grapefruit*, bergamot*), black tea*°, strawberry leaves*, Swiss lemon verbena*), Swiss sugar*, lemon juice*,

*organic certified
° from fair trade

Nutritional facts


per 100ml
Energy (kj/kcal) 50/ 11,6
Fat (g) <0,1
of which Saturated (g) <0,1
Carbohydrates (g) 2,9
of which sugars (g) 2,9
Protein (g) <0,1
Salt (g) <0,05


Urban Kombucha

Born and brewed in Lausanne, it all started in Arnaud's kitchen in 2013. Over time, It has grown to a whole team and a factory. However, the essential is still there: making delicious beverages. In a nutshell, kombucha is a fermented brewed tea beverage thanks to symbiotic cultures of microorganisms and yeasts (called scoby!).

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