Cosmic Dealer – Natural Ayurvedic Incense – Yoga Shala 30 sticks

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Cosmic Dealer‘s natural Ayurvedic incense is made from 100% natural aromatic Ayurdevic herbs, wood and medicinal plants. Free from all the random stuff you find in suspiciously cheap incense like synthetic fragrances, animal fats and chemical fillers. Also free from essential oils. Made ethically in a magical Ashram high in the  Himalayan mountains by Yogis.

  • Ethically-made
  • Minimal ingredients
  • Vegan
  • 30 sticks

Be instantly transported 

To that Yoga Shala you love: where a soft, mystic scent dances through the  air.

What it smells like

Sandalwood, obviously. A crowd-pleaser. Blended with Ayurvedic herbs from the Himalayas. Unique. Not overpowering or over-perfumed. Subtle


Ayurvedic herbs, woods and medicinal plants


Cosmic Dealer

Five girls who reside in Paris, France, but can sometimes be found floating in the Cosmos. They liked the  idea of something natural, clean, approved by ancient-wisdom and kinda cosmic. No bullsh*t products. Products that were going to work. They were over generically produced, white-label stuff with pretty packaging. They also wanted it to be produced sustainably and ethically. With packaging that wouldn't piss off Mother Nature. Therefore they created Cosmic Dealer. Think of the Cosmic Dealer as your guru. If your guru was actually your friend, and your friend was actually someone who spent their time dedicated to producing niche wellness goods.

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