Ehrenwort – Fries & Wedges Spices Organic – 65g

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With the Fries & Wedges Spice preparation, you are perfectly equipped to make the best roasted potatoes! The carefully selected blend is perfect for both fries and potato wedges. Provides perfect seasoning and, thanks to paprika and turmeric powder, also a beautiful golden yellow colour. Simply spread the spice mixture generously on fries or potato wedges and put them in the oven or hot oil! Perfect for the barbecue season, of course, but potato wedges can also be used as a side dish for a variety of dishes.

  • Easy to use
  • Suitable for fries and potato wedges
  • Spread generously and into the oven


Sea salt (non-iodised), tomato powder*, paprika powder*, onion powder*, fenugreek seed*, garlic powder*, ground mustard*, cumin*, turmeric*, coriander*, cinnamon*, cloves*.

May contain traces of celery, gluten and lupine.

Nutritional facts

per/pro/par 100g
Energy/ Energie/ Energie 710kj/169kcal
Fat/ Fett/ Lipide 4.3
of which saturates/ davon gesättigtes Fett/ dont acides gras saturés 0.5
Carbohydrate/ Kohlenhydrate/ Glucide 22
of which sugars/ davon Zucker/ dont sucres 10
Fibre/ Ballaststoffe/ Fibre 0
Protein/ Eiweiss/ Protéine 6.8
Salt/ Salz/ Sel 18.6


ehrenwort. Genussmomente

ehrenwort. Genussmomente stands for the highest organic quality, regionality and transparency. The innovative spices are the perfect companion to cook easily and quickly for yourself and your loved ones in everyday life. The selected ingredients are finely tuned for our spice blends to create real flavour bombs. In keeping with the zero waste principle, they work honourably. Genussmomente works with other food start-ups to recycle production residues. The result is unique spice blends that are second to none. This makes cooking and baking fun! For a long time now, the range has no longer been limited to organic spices. There are now also fruit spreads, trendy barista syrups and delicious porridge mixtures.

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