Mullet Tea – Hard iced tea – Lemon 330ml

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The first Swiss Hard Iced Tea, made by Mullet Tea! A good taste of lemon with a touch of alcohol. Gluten-free, low in sugar and calories, Mullet Tea is the perfect aperitif to replace traditional beers. No more bloating, with this alcoholic cold tea without gas, which is very easy to drink. Refreshing and euphoric for evenings with friends until the end of the night. Made in Switzerland.


Black and green tea infusion, alcool, sugar, citric acid, Lemon flavour, caramel.

Mullet Tea

The Mullet Tea, a Swiss hard iced tea, was born, like many other ideas, in the minds of 2 friends during a drunken evening. How do you create a drink that doesn't bloat like beer? How to make it a low calorie drink? How to keep a good taste with little sugar? And above all, how to create an ultra quirky and funkly drink and brand? The first 100% Swiss Hard Iced Tea was born!


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