Super Natural Club – Super Cola – 330ml (can)

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The Super Natural Club’s Super Cola recipe is no secret! No artificial flavors. No caffeine. No phosphoric acid. Natural and full of tasty freshness!

  • 100% Swiss made
  • Gluten-free
  • Aspartame-free
  • Swiss sugar
  • Vegan


Filtered water, sugar (Swiss), natural cola flavor, natural cola nut extract °, natural cinnamon extract °, natural vanilla extract °, colorings (caramel (Swiss) + E150d), acidifying agents (citric acid + tartaric acid), vitamin C, carbon dioxide.

Super Natural Club

In 2014, they had the crazy idea of brewing the first kombucha brand in Switzerland. Since then, they are striving to make things right in all they do, in line with their values, ethical principles and common sense, from the sourcing of their ingredients to the ready-to-drink bottle in your local shop. Not only will you most certainly know the ingredients in their drinks, but you will also be able to pronounce all of them and be proud to drink them with your friends.

Their moto: Independent, bullsh*t-allergic and convinced that the sun is a big disco ball.

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