The Last Straw – Natural drinking straws – 50 pieces

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Meet the natural drinking straws that are actually made out of straw! We’re always looking for plastic-free alternatives when hosting a parties or when going for picnics but we haven’t been impressed with any of the disposable options. But then, we came across this cereal harvest by-product that is natural and home compostable! Plus unlike other plastic-free straws in paper, they don’t become soggy before you finish your drink.

  • Biodegradable & compostable
  • 100% wheat
  • durable
  • renewable
  • works for cold and warm drinks
  • pack of 50, ø ~ 3 – 6 mm

(available for restaurant and take-aways, contact our team for more information: here!)


13 cm for cocktails and normal glasses, 20 cm for long drinks and tall glasses, 23 cm for bottles


100% gluten-free wheat straw

The Last Straw

Real straws. Straws made from straw. No plastic, no cutting down of bamboo or washing of glass or metal - for the price of a paper drinking straw! These straws are brought to you in Switzerland by "The Last Straw". This Swiss based team of food entrepreneurs is striving to bring these straws to their gastro customers and to everyone's homes!

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