UpCircle – Gua Sha Facial Massage tool

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The UpCircle Gua Sha is a facial massage tool designed to relieve tension and reduce puffiness. “Gua sha” is a traditional Chinese medical technique to release tension from the face.

The UpCircle Gua Sha unique wing-shaped design enables you to contour your face while promoting lymphatic drainage to decrease puffiness and enhance circulation for a healthy glow. When massaged on the face and neck, you can customize the pressure to your liking, whether it’s a gentle touch or a deeper pressure, or use the edge to gently scrape the skin, promoting rejuvenation. Made with stainless steal.

How to use: Using the tool, glide it from your chin to your jawline, then towards your earlobe and down your neck, repeat this process three times.

Bonus tip: Pair with your face serum or oil for the ultimate glow!

Upcircle Beauty

UpCircle Beauty is a family business that was launched by two siblings who had the idea to give used gounded coffee a second life as a skin scrub. Ever since, they've upcycled over 350 tonnes of ground coffee! Today, the Upcircle team has expanded their range of beauty products and each one of them is based on an upcycled by-product of different industries like farms or juice bars. All UpCircle beauty products are made of over 98% natural, clean and vegan ingredients.

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