Urban Kombucha – Swiss Kombucha Lover Pack – 15 x 330ml

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This pack is made for all the swiss kombucha lovers out there! So many flavours to discover and enjoy from our friends at Urban Kombucha. These swiss kombucha are hand crafted by a small and passionate team of brewers using traditional methods and natural ingredients. Made on the shores of Lac Léman in Switzerland. Plus, it’s 100% organic!


In case you’re not sure what kombucha is: it’s fermented, sparkling tea (non-alcoholic) originally from Asia. Super refreshing!


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Urban Kombucha

Born and brewed in Lausanne, it all started in Arnaud's kitchen in 2013. Over time, It has grown to a whole team and a factory. However, the essential is still there: making delicious beverages. In a nutshell, kombucha is a fermented brewed tea beverage thanks to symbiotic cultures of microorganisms and yeasts (called scoby!).

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