Distillerie Stillerie – Absinthe Dame Blanche 60° – 0.70L

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Subtle, sweet and light in the mouth, the Dame Blanche is a great aperitif and a great initiation for the curious. The great absinthe, with slightly bitter floral notes, is softened by mint, giving a pleasant and delicately aniseed touch. Distillerie Stillerie recommends this absinthe for those who are not yet intimate with the green fairy or who are looking for a drink to quench their thirst.

Tasting recommendations: one volume of Dame blanche with two to three volumes of ice water, or, as a digestive, one volume of water.

  • Absinthe
  • 60% vol.
  • 70 cl

Store in a cool place, away from the sun.

Distillerie Stillerie

The story begins at the source... A fountain, three friends and a passion: absinthe!It was during a discussion that the distillery acquired its first secret recipe, the first ingredient of the adventure that would take it to the land of fairies. A few years later, in the infancy of the distiller's profession, and a few tests later, the recipe is refined and adjusted and becomes La Clairvoyante; in the wake of this, a second absinthe is created: La Dame blanche. In April 2021, the first two hundred bottles are distilled at the Distillerie du Val-de-Travers. In 2022, after more than a thousand bottles sold, the adventure is launched! The Stillerie Distillerie will fly with its own wings, base itself in Geneva, acquire a production facility in Val-de-Travers and expand its range of spirits.

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