Distillerie Stillerie – Cinnamon liqueur Pandore 42° – 0.50L

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Opening the bottle of Pandore from Distillerie Stillerie is at your own risk! Cinnamon, with its unique taste, is combined with coriander seeds and cloves in this spicy and spicy liqueur. The aromatic bouquet is completed by the floral touch brought by the “Dame blanche” absinthe from Distillerie Stillerie. Distillerie Stillerie recommends Pandora to lovers of cinnamon and spices. It will appeal to both liqueur and spirit lovers.

Tasting recommendations: “On the rocks” as an aperitif, dry as a dessert, with water for more lightness or in your most innovative mixology creations.

  • Cinnamon liqueur
  • 42% vol.
  • 50 cl

Store in a cool, away from the sun

Distillerie Stillerie

The story begins at the source... A fountain, three friends and a passion: absinthe!It was during a discussion that the distillery acquired its first secret recipe, the first ingredient of the adventure that would take it to the land of fairies. A few years later, in the infancy of the distiller's profession, and a few tests later, the recipe is refined and adjusted and becomes La Clairvoyante; in the wake of this, a second absinthe is created: La Dame blanche. In April 2021, the first two hundred bottles are distilled at the Distillerie du Val-de-Travers. In 2022, after more than a thousand bottles sold, the adventure is launched! The Stillerie Distillerie will fly with its own wings, base itself in Geneva, acquire a production facility in Val-de-Travers and expand its range of spirits.

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