Chichery – Roasted Chickpeas Sweet Sesame – 100g

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Brand: Chichery

The unmistakable taste of roasted sesame melds with the sweet, nutty note of the yellow chickpeas to create a guaranteed addictive treat, made by Chichery. This superfood contains just enough sugar so that it underlines the sweet, nutty note of the roasted chickpea, but does not drown it out.


Chickpeas 65%, sugar 24%, sesame seeds 11%.

For allergens, see ingredients in bold.

Nutritional facts

Per/par/pro 100g

Energy / Energie

1784Kj/ 424kcal

Fat / Lipide / Fett

9.3 g

of which saturates / dont acides gras saturés / davon gesättigte Fettsäuren

1.3 g

Carbohydrates / Glucide / Kohlenhydrate

65.0 g

of which sugars / dont sucres / davon Zucker

27 g

Protein / Protéine / Eiweiss

16 g

Salt / Sel / Salz

0.1 g


Chickpeas are a superfood - rich in protein, fiber, and important vitamins and minerals. They enhance digestion, regulate blood sugar levels and ensure a long-lasting feeling of satiety. Chickpeas are well tolerated by diabetics thanks to their low glycemic index (30) and they also reduce the cholesterol level. Chickpeas are allergen-free. This is of great importance, as 30% of the Swiss population stated in surveys that they suffered from food allergies. Chichery is committed to bringing the power of the chickpea to everyone in its tastiest version. Dry-roasted and carefully seasoned, the chickpeas retain their valuable properties and become a delicious, nutritious snack for everyone

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